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  • 21 Oct
    Anoraak Live in Singapore Anoraak
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Anoraak first appeared in 2008 with the underground classic Nightdrive With You. Several LPs/EP’s and a whole bunch of remixes later (Neon Indian, Mika, College, Metronomy, Junkie XL...) he is today a reference in the synthwave / retrowave and indie-dance genres.
After years on the road worldwide behind the DJ desks or front stage singing and playing his music live, he’ll be back June 2nd 2017 with a new EP Black Gold Sun, including the synthpop song Evolve featuring Danish singer Lydmor. The cover is designed by Alexander ‘Zonders’ Burkhart, godfather of retro inspired artworks (College, Valerie Collective, Discodust, Miami Horror, and many more).
Black Gold Sun is the balance point between synthwave and synthpop, two worlds wherein Anoraak has always loved to navigate, and is a logical follow-up to his previous opus Figure, which includes the acclaimed track We Lost feat. Slow Shiver, premiered on major electronic music media Dancing Astronaut and playlisted by KCRW’s LA dj Raul Campos, Goldroom, Satin Jackets, Spotify Mexico among others.
The Figure music video was recently premiered by the trend-setter site Nowness, and received a lot of support, including major french media site Clique TV or MTV Asia. Anoraak’s new live show is a solo act, surfing smartly between a vocal / instrumental performance and a modern electronic live set built for the dancefloor.


Remember the Tecktonik dance movement that swept Europe (and later, the world) in mid-2000s? It was Yelle's second song "A Cause Des Garcons", which was released under music tastemaker and fashion label Kitsune, that inspired it. They were part of a nu wave movement of brightly colored electro that similar bands like CSS and New Young Pony Club were brandishing at that time. The infectious sound soon led them to collaborate with the likes of Robyn and Katy Perry and new fans M.I.A. and Mika. Yelle are back on tour in Asia with their latest tracks "Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)" and "Interpassion". They'll be playing at The Gallery Theatre, NMS for two nights, as part of this year's Voilah! French Festival.


Back in 2007 Justice’s crunching deconstruction of techno, pop, R&B, electro, funk, metal and pretty much anything else that took their fancy established the pair as one of France’s most vital musical exports. Their second album, 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco, pushed the sonic boat out even further. A bombastic aural wallop whose classic ’70s rock flourishes owed as much to Queen and Yes as it did Frankie Knuckles or Prince, it saw them embark on rapturously-received world tour that took in headline slots at Coachella and Lollapalooza.
It’s mirrored in a more live approach to recording. At least that’s what it initially sounds like.
What you think is a live drum track turns out to be a heavily treated 808 and what sounds unmistakably like a theremin transpires to be a woman playing a musical saw. The songs themselves too are almost impossible to pin down. Coming halfway through the album, Chorus jolts the listener out of any concept of what the record is going to promise next. What is it? Glitch techno? Sci-fi prog? Celestial disco?
Only a fool would try to second guess Justice. And that includes Justice themselves.


Leading crooner Julie Budet leads the pack with impeccable style, oozing the vibrant electro spirit reminiscent of trendy early 2000s.

The French synth-pop band including producer Grand Marnier delivers a colourful myriad of keyboard sounds, addictive synth beats punctuation by Budet’s youthful, silky voice. Get ready for a rainbow display of playful, flirtatious and addictive tunes that will leave you thumping on the dancefloor.

Yelle came to prominence when they posted an early version of the song "Je veux te voir" on Myspace in September 2005. The song's original title refers to Cuizinier of French alternative Hip Hop band TTC and charted at No. 4 in France. Yelle then began working on recording their debut album, Pop Up, in 2006. Arriving amid a flurry of 80's inspired pop, with the likes of CSS and New Young Pony Club all revered for their take on brightly colored electro. Yelle’s first album stood out from the crowd with its wry, frothy and unashamedly fun outlook. This infectious appeal not only led to work with Robyn and Katy Perry, but gained them fans in fellow musicians such as M.I.A. and Mika.

Founded in 2011, Figure8 is a boutique agency out of Singapore, revolving around Southeast Asian independent music and international live production. Composed of individuals driven by their passion for music, Figure8 agency focuses on the development of the music scene within Southeast Asia, booking of Southeast Asian acts, and production of multi-disciplinary events in the indie/alternative genre. The brands activities encompass artist bookings, concert productions and music consulting. Figure8 has produced the UpToTheSky Festival in 2011 with a line-up consisting of regional acts and the screening of short films revolving around the region and music by filmmakers Ho Tzu Nien and Vincent Moon from Takeaway show (Blogotheque). The company have also organised European and Asian tours for Indonesian and Malaysian acts The Trees and The Wild, White Shoes and The Couples Company, Tenderfist and Sore.